Instant Pot Shrimp

Instant Pot Shrimp

Instant Pot Shrimp is succulent and juicy with a buttery white wine sauce and Old Bay seasoning. You can serve it as a main dish or appetizer with some crusty bread for dipping!

if you love shrimp as much as we do, you definitely need to try cooking it in the Instant Pot. It’s so easy and results in the juiciest and most tender shrimp!

And since I’m all about the sauces, these shrimp are coated in a lemony, buttery, garlicky white wine sauce that is seriously so good. I want to drizzle it on everything!

The white wine sauce. It’s simple and delicious, and helps keep the shrimp plump and juicy. It’s pretty much magic sauce!

It’s a versatile recipe. You can serve it as an appetizer with some crusty bread or as a main meal with rice, noodles or veggies.

1. It’s so quick and easy! Shrimp cooks fast but in the Instant Pot they take just 1 minute! And the sauce comes together on sauté mode in just 3-5 minutes!


- fresh shrimp - butter - garlic - white wine - chicken broth - Old Bay seasoning - lemon

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