Sardine Pizza

Sardine Pizza

Change up pizza night with this Sardine Pizza! It’s quick and easy with simple ingredients that pack a lot of flavor. You’ll want to add this one to the must-make list this weekend!

You might be skeptical, but I promise, it’s totally delicious. This recipe is easy, with minimal ingredients and it tastes like a fancy restaurant pizza!

Sardines are a pantry ingredient. We always have a can of sardines on hand, so it’s easy to add a flavorful protein to homemade pizza!

Sardines are inexpensive, accessible, flavorful and packed with nutrients.

The garlic and olive oil base for this pizza tastes amazing and it’s super easy to make!

We’re using a pre-made pizza crust, so you can have this pizza on the dinner table in about 20 minutes!


- pizza crust - skinless, boneless sardines, - olive oil - garlic - red onion - capers - tomato - feta

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