Spicy Cajun Remoulade

Remoulade is a Louisiana style sauce that is commonly served on po'boys, as a dip for fried green tomatoes, or a sauce for crab cakes. It has a mayonnaise base and is flavored with Cajun seasoning.

– mayonnaise – sour cream – Worcestershire sauce – garlic powder – honey – fresh horseradish – Dijon mustard – Louisiana hot sauce – Cajun seasoning

Mix all the ingredients together

Add an extra boost of spice by adding more hot sauce or horseradish; If you'd like a bit more tang, you can add some finely minced pickles or a teaspoon of vinegar to the sauce.

Let it sit covered in the fridge for an hour before serving so the flavors meld together

Full recipe wenthere8this.com/spicy-cajun-remoulade-dipping-sauce/