These Sous Vide Ribs are slow cooked in a water bath for 24 hours until tender and juicy, then coated in BBQ sauce and finished in the oven!

Why This Recipe Works

To avoid dry or chewy ribs, you shouldn’t cook them too fast or too hot. That’s why ribs are well suited to sous vide cooking.


Pork spare ribs BBQ rub Apple cider vinegar Liquid smoke BBQ sauce

Heat a sous vide water bath to 150F degrees.


Cut the ribs in half so you have 2 portions. (This is so it can all fit in the sous vide water bath).

 Season with the rub and place in the vacuum seal bag(s). (If the rub does not contain salt, I recommend using 1 tablespoon of salt as well).

Add the vinegar and liquid smoke in each bag (divide it for the 2 bags).

Get the full Instructions here!

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