Sous Vide Soft Boiled Eggs

Sous Vide Soft Boiled Eggs

These sous vide soft boiled eggs are just egg perfection - perfectly set egg whites with a nice creamy, yolky, yolk. Easy to make, these eggs are restaurant egg quality!

Using the sous vide cooker to make soft boiled eggs is totally next level cooking. It's not hard, but you will get the most amazing, perfectly cooked eggs.

We just LOVE to make these soft boiled eggs so we can make ramen eggs, or just eat them over top of this sweet potato hash or a Korean rice bowl!

There are a ton of different recipes out there for soft boiled sous vide eggs - I have found that this method results in the best eggs.

Making eggs sous vide is hands down my favorite way to cook eggs. We have just fallen head over heels in love with these creamy, French style sous vide scrambled eggs too!

The egg whites are perfectly set, and the yolks have that creamy, liquidy center


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