Sous Vide Pork Loin is a juicy and flavorful way to cook pork loin roast. It’s perfectly tender and finished with a delicious cream sauce!

Why This Recipe Works

As the temperature of the sous vide water bath is controlled, the internal temperature of the pork stays at the temperature you set. So, the pork can be cooked just the way you like it, and it will never get dry or tough.


Pork loin Salt Brown sugar Grainy Dijon mustard Soy sauce Apple cider vinegar Black pepper White wine Paprika Cream Parsley

Rub the pork loin with the salt and let sit in the fridge overnight.


Heat a sous vide water bath to 135F degrees.

Place the pork loin in a vacuum seal bag (or ziplock bag if using the water displacement method) with the remaining ingredients (except the cream and parsley). Seal the bag.

Cook the pork loin in the water bath for 6 hours.

Get the full Instructions here!

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